We define quality as follows: "Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a software product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs of our customer". In other words, at Jensen Technologies, quality is all about satisfying the customer.

Jensen Technologies is committed to the provision of quality software products and services. The adoption of the Total Quality Management System is essential for our continued business success and ensures we remain a viable and competitive organization. The Jensen Technologies Total Quality Management System must remain compliant with International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 and Carnegie-Mellon University SEI CMM level 3 standards at all times.

Major Process Areas covered in our Quality Guide (such as Requirements Management, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Control of Nonconforming Products, Corrective and Preventive Action etc.) correspond with American and international quality standards. This means that we maintain and follow comprehensive list of coding and documentation standards, development and testing procedures. These standards, including consistent code commentary, naming conventions and vigorous testing ensure that your applications will not only will be efficient, stable, transparent and well documented, but also that it will be delivered on time and within the approved budget.

In order to achieve this level of quality Jensen Technologies runs independent Quality Assurance Team (QAT) that provides our clients and management with appropriate visibility into all processes and the products being built. The Quality Assurance Team works with the software project from its early stages to establish plans, select appropriate standards and procedures. This adds value to the software project by establishing a system to satisfy the constraints of the project and the organization's policies. By participating in establishment of the plans, selecting standards and procedures, Quality Assurance Team helps to ensure they fit client's needs and verifies that they will be usable for performing tests, reviews and audits throughout the software life cycle. At Jensen Technologies Quality Assurance Team covers all aspects of activities of the company, constantly monitors, analyzes and improves our processes to ensure company's adherence to the Quality Guide.

Certification. We understand importance of certification for improving our Quality System and we plan to perform an external assessment for ISO 9001 and CMM level 3 in the near future.